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Samuel Brew-Butler

A coming of age for African project finance: Ghana's KIPP development

November 3, 2014

Ghanaian independent power project sponsor Cenpower proved that African money can finance African private sector infrastructure initiatives by raising $900m in project finance to develop the Kpone Independent Power Plant.

Fiscal mismanagement is hurting Africa

July 28, 2014

Countries in Africa, including Ghana, Kenya and Zambia, are battling with wide fiscal deficits brought about by grand spending plans. 

Central banks drive Africas recovery

Central banks drive Africa's recovery

October 1, 2013

Africa’s underdeveloped economies and financial sectors have proved a barrier for central banks implementing monetary policy and prudential regulation. But recent years have seen significant progress, thanks in no small part to central banks’ growing independence from governments.

Ghanaian cedi

Ghanaian banks bet on the long term

August 1, 2013

Ghana’s banking industry is buoyant, benefiting handsomely from huge leaps in the country’s economic growth. But with fears the economy is overheating and competition for business fierce, what is the longer-term outlook for Ghana's banks?

Standard Chartered ups Africa game

Standard Chartered pushes further into Africa

July 1, 2013

Standard Chartered already has one of the largest African businesses among banks from outside the continent, but it still wants to increase its operations there substantially in the next few years. Diana Layfield, its chief executive for Africa, tells Paul Wallace how.

Seth Terkper, Ghana's finance minister

Ghana finance minister looks to regain fiscal credibility

July 1, 2013

Ghana has a rapidly growing economy and can count itself as one of Africa’s most mature democracies. But the credibility of its fiscal management was badly damaged last year when it posted a huge budget deficit. Seth Terkper, its minister of finance and economic planning, tells Paul Wallace how he plans to cut it.

African debt markets come of age

March 1, 2013

Eurobond issuance from sub-Saharan Africa is still dwarfed by that from elsewhere in the world. But more and more African sovereigns are tapping the market as investors clamour for exposure to the rapidly growing region, where local bond markets are also developing quickly.

Kwabena Duffuor

Ghana's finance minster: there is no virtue in irresponsible fiscal management

July 2, 2012

Having overseen rapid economic growth in the past three years, Ghana’s finance minister insists his government will maintain fiscal discipline before December’s elections. However, he believes fuel subsidies should remain in place, at least for now.

TEASER-Banks hope to dodge interest rate woes

Ghana's banks hope to dodge interest rate woes

July 2, 2012

Ghanaian banks are worried that rising interest rates and a depreciating currency could lead to a lot of volatility in the next few months. Nonetheless, they remain in good health and are likely to benefit in the coming years from the country’s rapid economic growth.

Ghana teaser

Ghana's sound fundamentals untainted by falling cedi

July 2, 2012

Ghana has been hurt by the weakness of its currency since late last year. Yet its economy, one of the fastest-growing in the world, is still in rude health, and investors are said to be increasingly bullish about the country, even if they are hindered by shallow capital markets. 

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